Thursday, May 15, 2014

Innovative Marine SR Aquariums Now Available!

Innovative Marine SR Series Aquariums are now available at Ready Set Reef and shipped directly from the manufacturer (within the Continental US) for FREE!

Aquariums for the savvy aquarist! The Nuvo Shallow Reef Series is the next advancement into the world of full-sized premium all-in-one aquariums. Based on our award winning Nuvo Desktop and Mid-Size series, these full-sized aquariums incorporate streamline minimalistic design, ultra thick polished glass, and offers the highest clarity viewing possible. The SR Series is the perfect combination of functional design for the style savvy aquarist.

Make the ultimate upgrade today and experience spacious interior for endless design possibilities and enjoy the benefits of a customizable filtration system that keeps equipment discreetly hidden and readily accessible for routine maintenance.


  • Ultra Thick High Clarity Low Iron Glass
  • Leveling Rubber Mat 
  • Flat Polished 
  • Diamond Edge Polished 
  • Black Silicone 
  • Aluminum Framed Mesh Screen Lid and Clips
  • Acrylic Filter Wall with Dual Overflows 
  • 4” Micron Socks
  • Adjustable Return Flare Nozzles
  • Multiple Return Pumps 
  • Designated Heater Column 
  • Designated Skimmer/Reactor Column
  • Magnetic Cabinet Latches 
  • Storage Shelves 
  • Pre-Cut Cable Ports

Innovative Marine SR-120 Nuvo Aquarium - 120 Gallon Capacity (72"L x 24"D x 16"T)

Innovative Marine SR-80 Nuvo Aquarium - 80 Gallon Capacity (48"L x 24"D x 16"T)

Innovative Marine SR-60 Nuvo Aquarium - 60 Gallon Capacity (36"L x 24"D x 16"T)

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