Monday, June 30, 2014

Radion XR15w Pro - Pre-Order Yours Today!

The next great LED lighting system from EcoTech Marine, the Radion XR15w Pro is now available for pre-order!

Brilliant Color, Perfect Size.
Compact and powerful, the XR15w Pro is specifically designed to meet the lighting requirements of the most popular marine tank sizes. The XR15w Pro is also fully programmable with seamless EcoSmart Live integration.

Promotes Coral Beauty and Health
  • Full spectrum + UV
  • Output optimized for coral growth
  • Preconfigured outputs matching popular Kelvin ratings
  • Perfect for recreating natural lighting conditions
Fully Programmable Light Modes
  • 24 hour customizable program schedule
  • Independent day and night periods with lunar calendar
  • Acclimation mode for ease of integration with your tank
  • Weather condition simulation
  • Seamlessly compatible with EcoSmart Live
  • ReefLink and VorTech integration
Wirelessly Equipped Standard
  • Includes RF Module
  • Compatible with all “W” enabled EcoTech Marine products
  • Integrate lighting and flow using ReefLink and ESL
  • iOS and Android device control with ReefLink

Get more info about the Radion XR15w Pro and pre-order yours today!

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