Friday, February 13, 2015

New EcoTech Marine VorTech QuietDrive Pumps!

Proudly bringing the cutting edge of technical innovation to the award winning VorTech pump line.

QuietDrive and the new VorTech MP10QD, MP10wQD, MP40wQD and MP60wQD pumps redefine what's possible in an aquarium circulation pump.

QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver.
  • All new driver included with every VorTech
  • 6+ available continuous operational modes
  • Wave Auto Tune, Feed Mode & Night Mode
  • 90% less motor noise (MP40 model)
  • Up to 40% more output (MP40 model)
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Dual bearing wet side
  • Communicates with existing WWD and "w" EcoSmart pumps
  • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink ("w" models only)
In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow in crucial to the health of the ecosystem. With VorTech QuietDrive choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier.

VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the gold standard in providing flow in marine aquariums. When it comes to broad yet gentle flow, the VorTech design in unmatched,
  • Create massive water movement
  • No livestock damaging "hot spots"
  • Natural Gyre
  • Three dimensional flow patterns
  • Comprehensive flow options
  • Precise water movement control

Contact us for more info and pre-order your new VorTech QuietDrive pumps today!

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